J.J. Joyce


Artist Statement

       As a child, JJ always had a strong interest in drawing. Instead of getting coloring books like most children, she was given paper and crayons. She created images from her own imagination and observations. As she grew that interest was nurtured and became more intense. Her passion for her art lead her to University of Madison, Wisconsin, where she graduated in 1974 with honors in a Bachelors of Art Education degree with an emphasis in painting and photography.

      Upon graduation, JJ was recruited to teach because of her high skills in art and education to set up a High School art program in Australia. A great learning experience for her. She returned home, where she got a graphic design degree at Madison Technical College in 1977. Upon graduation she was hired as a graphic designer. Then after going to Marquette University for business coarse, she was hired as an Account Executive for in an advertising agency. When she got married and had a child, she continued to educate herself by attending the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, where she received with honors a Master’s Degree in Art Education with an emphasis in Computer Graphics in 2001. JJ also took additional courses at Milwaukee Technical College in Photography. She used these skills in computer graphics and photography to fine tune her layouts for her future artworks. This all lead to her yearning and desire return to her primary love of painting and photography fulltime.

      Her home in Fox Point provided JJ with another blank canvas that was a typical suburban backyard which JJ (as a master gardener) turned in to a beautiful sanctuary filled with unique flora and fauna that provided a haven for all forms of wildlife. As a young wife, mother and professional artist, this sanctuary was able to remove the day’s stresses and allow her to commute with nature in a way that can soothe an artist’s soul.

      This backyard canvas gave rise to the current Aquatic series and Floral and Garden series. All of these paintings exhibit vibrant, bold colors and meticulous details, the signature of a J.J. Joyce painting. Her colors and thick wrapped canvases allow the viewer to become a part of the dream she created. A rainbow of color can be found in one wave of water or one pedal of a flower. The peace and serenity are evident when viewing these works as JJ invites the viewer into her refuge and provides them with a soothing, tranquil feeling.

      As an artist, J.J. is primarily an oil painter. She also paints in acrylic and is an avid photographer. By combining photoshop and painting, J. J. creates a Hand Painted Digital Photography on canvas.

      J.J. is a member of the Oil Painters of America, Acrylic and Oil Painter Society, League of Milwaukee Artists, Wisconsin Visual Artist, The Rogues Artists Group and Federated Garden Club.